Due to the increasing number of requests for our time and service of identifying suspected meteorites, we are offering the service of metorite verification to the general public.  We charge a fee for this service.  Please review this website in its entirety before contacting us.  On this page you will find more information on:


Sample size you send us should be no smaller than a quarter (coin), and preferrably larger.  You can send the whole rock if you wish.  We also recommend insuring the package.

Please be advised that we may need to cut a small piece off your sample (at the most inconspicuus area) in order to help us identify your rock.

Sample Report

On completion of our testing your suspected meteorite, we will send you a written report of our findings.  Your report will state if it is a meteorite or a meteor-wrong.  If we can positively identify it, we will do so.

Testing Time

Due to the ever increasing interest in this field, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for us to complete our verification testing of your suspected meteorite.

Shipping Sample

We no longer accept samples dropped off at our facility.  It has proven to be a time consuming, no-work-done process.  Therefore, all samples must be submitted through our post office box.  Please make sure we can read your handwritting for your return address and any enclosed notes.

If you would like to have your sample mailed back to you, please include payment for return shipping.

Shipping Address

All samples and payment should be mailed to:

Meteorite Research Center
4780 Harding Highway
Mays Landing, NJ  08330

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